World Congress on artificial Intelligence (WAIC): VHS Science and Technology 2021 Ah enterprises in China have the potential of commercial landing scale Top100

2020-04-01 18:00:00 VHS 73

Medical problems such as information asymmetry caused barriers of trust between doctors and patients, facing long queues and short treatment times in hospital are common in China. The coronavirus epidemic highlights the high risk of iatrogenic cross-infection in hospital. However, the medical problems of common diseases can be solved through AI remote self-diagnosis.


The AI Disease Self Diagnosis System "Mighty Doctor" jointly released by VHS and Mayo Clinic has built the world's leading knowledge graph of AI Diagnosis System and the supervised learning algorithm. It covers more than 98% of common disease diagnosis decision trees, and condenses the Mayo professional team more than 150 years of experience in diagnosis and treatment of big data, just like preparing a family doctor team for every patient in the cloud. During the epidemic, "Mighty Doctor" took advantage of the "high standard with no rest" AI service method. It also guaranteed the stability and efficiency of basic medical quality for undeveloped areas.


VHS currently serves more than thousands of large enterprises such as Fortune 500 companies and half of insurance companies. Many well-known customers such as Ping An Health, China Taiping, Shanghai Insurance, MetLife, and Manulife-Sinochem Life use “Mighty Doctor” for several years. VHS holds the value of "Objective, Neutral, and Only for Health", and dedicates to provide better technology services and health results for more people continuously.