Based on the “VAIHI” (Valurise Artificial Intelligence Health Insurance System) -- the intelligent system for risk evaluation, risk factors could be labeled. Then, through eight intelligent engines, customized risk management service covering is designed to cover all the flow according to the client’s condition.

Artificial Intelligence

Driven by artificial intelligence and big data

Health Risk Diagnosis

Focused on “health risk diagnosis” and “disease diagnosis”

Insurance Industry

Insurance IndustryProviding 12 health risk control empower-ments for the insurance industry

Lower Premiums

Provide higher security and better health at lower premiums

The Application of VAIHI

The world's first multi-domain artificial intelligence technology
to overcome the obstacles of risk management for insurance by
providing one-stop solutions for the operation of insurance companies
and health risk management for people community.

Component: We energize more than 12 items in risk management for
insurance companies including intelligent underwriting, intelligent claim
settlement and big data risk control technology, driven by AI and Big Data,
taking “health risk diagnosis” and “self-diagnosis of disease” as core.

Advantage: We are the first comer of the globally leading solutions of
Static Knowledge Graph + Transfer Machine Learning, helping us to break
the technical barrier and monopoly.

Impact: We help insurance companies to promote the operating efficiency and
capacity of risk control, solving the difficulties of the cost control and the risk control in the
scene of mobile Internet. We are the trailblazer in this field.

The Value of VAIHI


Effectively dissolve the problems
of secure application

For Insurance Medical Big Data

VAIHI ETL module achieves the intelligent protection and privacy protection to big data through the automatic identification, translation and adaptive evolution between the discourse systems of clinical medicine and insurance medicine.

Obviously improve the health condition
of insured client.

For Insured clients

Improve the efficiency of clinic resource distribution, the automatic identification of risk as well as the healthy state of the clients.

Dramatically conquer the choke point
of risk control

For health insurance industry

VAIHI breaks the industrial technical barrier, fills the technical blanking in Chinese markets, constructing a solid infrastructure for health insurance industry. (Cover over 2 million insured people, the input-output ration is even 1:3.17 for chronic disease and high-risk community. By data mining, the percentage of the error identification is over 10.7% in the whole claim settlement)

8 Intelligent Rule Engine

Intelligent health risk diagnosis, Intelligent self-diagnosis of disease, Intelligent underwriting, Intelligent claim settlement, Intelligent drug test, Intelligent renewal,Intelligent chronic disease management, Intelligent data compilation.

Open and extensible platform, flexible deployment and configuration
Intelligent rules engine, rapid iteration of product
Reusable process, easy replacement and plug-in

Intelligent insurance medicine and data-matching system

Health risk diagnosis system

New morbidity will be declined by 30% to 50% in the future under the AI Diagnosis. If the patients pay for 1 RMB on health risk control, they would equivalently save 3.17 RMB in the future medical expenditure.

Disease Self-diagnosis system

The self-diagnosis of disease achieves nearly 10 million of records in one year. 20% of users altered their previous decisions of seeing doctors to that of not seeing doctors; 38% of them changed from emergency treatment to non-emergency treatment; 97% of them explicitly know what to do next; 98% of them hold the view the system is rigorous, scientific and worth trusting.

Intelligent underwriting system

Our prior standard is to construct a data base from over 90% hospital in one region. We analyze the potential financial risk of our clients, access the corresponding insure risk according to the client’s information, which would be delivered to the insurance company later. Also, underwriting standard is more flexible for the online insurance product, which would rise the passing rate of the online underwriting. What’s more, intellectual underwriting would decrease the risk of adverse selection for clients to enjoy the bonus of premium.

Intelligent claim settlement system

First, our system compares the statistics of our client via multiple channels such as acquiring and checking authorized medical and pharmacy data to review the rationality of medicine usage. Then, an assessment report is generated, which will be delivered to a standardized workflow, aiming at producing an optimal claim settlement agreement. This workflow is a milestone, shifting from TPA to automatic claim settlement to AI claim settlement.

Intelligent analysis of big data system

VHS develops a unique risk control system for the settlement of insurance claim with the help of information technology, big data, AI and database. In this system, the features of swift assessment and intellectual recognition to the data will enable the insurance companies from surfaces to points to interpret the insured people’s characteristics and the compensation conditions. It will also help to examine the amount of compensation and idiosyncratic error so that the insurance company could control and rise the amount of compensation, which realizes the progress from the simple price control to intellectual risk management.

Intelligent drug test system

Our system will help the user to discover the path of diagnosis, digging the knowledge dictionary of medicine. Additionally, we assist the patient to search for the risky factors, identify abnormal medicine usage and avoid drug abuse.

Successful Cases of VAIHI


Social medical insurance risk control

VHS cooperated with social security agencies to provide a large population health intervention plan (CIPM) for all employees of a steel group (including retirees). The number of interventions under the program was more than 30 thousand. The one-to-one health file was imported into the corresponding medical data and physical examination data through the social security agency, and the participants' family history, daily life habits and other data were obtained through questionnaires. The health risk assessment model was used to label the population, and a one-to-one health intervention expert was provided to personalize health intervention services for different individuals, and to cooperate with the union.
Through lectures, posters, health talks, customized healthy recipes, etc., the incidence rate of hypertension, diabetes, stroke and other diseases effectively reduced for those who already have diseases. After paying a return visit to all the participants through an external third party, it was found that the cost of health intervention for 1 yuan invested in this plan could ultimately help the social security to reduce the medical expenses by 3.17 yuan.

Claim settlement service for one large insurance company

There was one large-group employee insurance program in a famous insurancecompany. After a 2-year operation, the claim settlement rate had always been high and never decrease. Therefore, the company asked for our help to analyze the big data and came to risk control suggestions. The VAIHI cleaned and analyzed more than 500 thousand historical data, noticing 40 thousand suspect data, totally coming up with over 30 items of risk problem. As a result, more than 10 million of loss was successfully avoided.