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2020-04-03 11:21:14 VHS 118

Recently, VHS InsurTech and King Dragon Life have reached a cooperation to carry out "online + offline" services, with diversified contents and wide coverages: multiple online insurance value-added products are officially launched on King Dragon Life mobile terminal for insurance customers to provide physical and mental digital health solutions to meet diversified health care needs.


VHS InsurTech has been chosen by King Dragon Life at the first negotiation relying on its standardized service processes, perfect information security system, and world's leading scientific health technology.


About King Dragon Life:

King Dragon Life Insurance Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between C&D Inc., the Fortune 500 Company, and China Life Insurance Company (Taiwan), which has more than 70 years of life insurance management experience.


About VHS InsurTech:

VHS InsurTech is the insurance technology company under VHS Group,which is committed to providing infrastructure-level intelligent insurance risk control and business systems for the health insurance industry. It has always held the value of "Objective, Neutral, Only for Health". At present, it has more than 60 intellectual property rights. It is a Nationally Recognized High-Tech Enterprise, it passed Information Security Management System Certification, and obtained D & B enterprise credit rating (3A1 excellent). VHS InsurTech has many years of cooperation in insurance risk control, value-added services and customized development with more than half of domestic insurance companies; the first AI system Valurise Artificial Intelligent Health Insurance (VAIHI) energizes health insurance industry in China is also energizing dozens of insurance companies.