People's Daily Online: VHS "VAIHI" won the "Top Ten Global Fintech Entrepreneurship Competition"

2019-01-25 11:05:52 VHS 46

On January 20th, VHS Technology of the VHS Group 's "VAIHI", an insurance technology subsidiary, leveraged leading AI and logical maps, built-in modules at the "infrastructure" level, and effectively empowered the health insurance industry with practical experience won the "Top 10 Global Fintech Entrepreneurship Contest 2018" honor.

"VAIHI" is a key research project of the research group of the "Development Strategy of the AI Industry" of the Central Committee of the China Democratic Construction Service, serving the health risk control of the basic medical insurance population. VAIHI was recommended as a health insurance risk control model by the China Health Insurance Development Report. At present, it is cooperating with medical big data group, health big data platform and many insurance companies to become an industry "infrastructure".

"VAIHI" provides 12 risk control technology empowerments for the health insurance industry, including smart health intervention, smart underwriting and compensation, big data risk mining and behavior identification. After 2 years of practice, the product empowerment effect is remarkable.

The "2018 Global Fintech Entrepreneurship Competition" is a cutting-edge fintech professional entrepreneurship competition initiated by Tsinghua PBCSF. The competition brought together representatives from domestic and foreign authoritative fintech academic institutions, large financial institutions, well-known venture capital institutions and relevant regulatory agencies to seek out the most potential entrepreneurs in the fintech field. 

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