Innovating the Mode of "full underwriting" to create the Chinese version of Optumbillion European University Health interview VHS Technology

2019-10-24 10:16:22 VHS 66

On October 18, at the 2019 IFENXI TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION CONFERENCE, VHS was shortlisted for the "Top 30 Chinese Insurance Technology Innovation Enterprises" in 2019. In addition, ants insurance, China Merchants Life Insurance, WeSure, Taikang Online and other companies are also shortlisted in the list. 

VHS, as an insurance technology artificial intelligence big data risk control company and a vertical head company, was invited to give a speech at the conference on the theme “New Ecology of Health Insurance Risk Control Intelligence”, introducing efficient data service solutions for the insurance industry Practical application of the scheme. 

The demand for insurance companies for risk control has been very urgent, especially for the acquisition and analysis of high-quality fine-grained data, the adaptive conversion of clinical medical data and insurance medical data, and the implementation of scenario-based application capabilities.

VHS '"VAIHI" AI health insurance risk control platform realizes a one-stop complete closed-loop online risk control system. For insurance medical big data, the platform effectively implements medical and insurance data transformation.

 "VAIHI" through the automatic identification, translation, and adaptive evolution of the discourse systems of clinical medicine and insurance medicine, has opened up the data conversion of the two, and realized the intelligent docking and privacy security of health medical big data in the risk control application of the insurance industry.

For insurance companies, the platform effectively enhances the bottleneck of risk control capabilities, fills the technical gaps in the domestic health medical knowledge map and knowledge base, breaks down knowledge barriers, and becomes the infrastructure of the insurance industry to help insurance companies' risk control capabilities. For example, according to claims data Investigation, intelligent big data verification technology, etc., found that 8% of the insurance company's claim amount was abnormal; during the review period, it was found that the customer was sick and insured ... Medical data, behavior, and financial data were verified through accurate health portraits Indemnity, effectively improve the insurance company's future claim risk identification rate, and provide assistance for insurance company product optimization, differentiated pricing, and accurate marketing.


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