Product that VHS and Guohua Life Cooperated launched on Alipay

2019-11-22 09:59:21 VHS 104

       In August 2019, VHS and Guohua Life's critical illness insurance product “Health Benefits • Critical Illness Insurance” was officially launched on Alipay, providing value-added insurance services to solve the medical problems of insured patients who are unfortunately suffering from severe illness in the future, and for patients’families reduce the burden and add a piece of health protection. VHS has rich medical resources and efficient service processes, which can fully protect the health of patients.

       VHS and Guohua Life have cooperated for nearly 10 years, and the products they cooperate with are also rich and diverse. The "Health Benefits • Critical Illness Insurance" of this cooperation has been welcomed by the majority of insurers. It has been hailed as a "worthy-to-people-type critical illness insurance". Its products and services have a variety of flexible options and cover the entire process. With the advantages of exclusive medical services, patients can enjoy many well-known medical resources nationwide, as well as a variety of services such as pre-diagnosis guidance and full accompany consultation.


  • Gather abundant medical resources

       VHS has extensive hospital coverage and quality medical resources. VHS has opened a green channel for medical treatment for patients, covering hundreds of well-known hospitals in 29 provinces and cities in China, such as Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University, and First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University. Coordination with experts or special needs outpatient clinics within 5 working days, inpatient or surgical coordination within 10 working days;

  •  Provide efficient service processes:

       The "full-time escort" service provided by VHS assists patients in offline medical treatment, which greatly saves patients the time of queuing and registering; the "pre-diagnosis guidance" telephone connection allows customers to enjoy professional medical answers and guidance and health consultation at home; "Exclusive telephone customer service", responds to the call in a timely manner throughout the day, and efficiently provides services to patients on the premise of strictly protecting the privacy of patients.


       VHS is committed to providing infrastructure-level intelligent insurance risk control and business systems for the insurance industry, providing three major solutions for insurance risk control, insurance value-added services, and custom-developed insurance. Among them, the insurance value-added services have more than ten years of multi-department cooperation experience with more than half of domestic insurance companies, designing solutions at a rapid speed and increasing the value of the health risk management service system, further enhancing user stickiness and activity. Through the flexible combination of solutions, it provides end-users with full-health consultation services and full-process medical services, etc., to realize the full value-added of insurance. It is a powerful weapon that insurance companies have in the sales process and an important support for insurance company services.


About Guohua Life:

Guohua Life Insurance Co., Ltd. was established in November 2007. It is a national, joint-stock professional life insurance company approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. It was set up by six powerful enterprises such as Tianmao Group, a large domestic listed company. Guohua Life takes bank insurance and e-commerce as its main business channels, and vigorously develops personal insurance business.


About VHS Technology:

VHS (Shanghai) Health Technology Co., Ltd. is an insurance technology company under the VHS Group. It is committed to providing infrastructure-level intelligent insurance risk control and business systems for the health insurance industry. Currently, it has nearly 60 intellectual property rights and one patent independently researched and developed. It is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise and has passed ISO information security certification. VHS has more than 50 insurance companies with years of value-added services and customized development cooperation; the first AI tool "VAIHI" system for the health insurance industry is also empowering dozens of insurance companies.